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Hey, thanks for coming by. We want you to know that trust and integrity are important to us. Rest assured that "big brother" doesn't live here, so any information you give us, stays with us! 

Because we like to make friends—and keep them—we don't do nasty things like trying to profile you, or help ourselves to information you're not giving. We want you to know that any information you do share will never be given out or sold. We hate spam, too! 

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We appreciate you visiting our website and we fully respect your privacy. We want you to feel comfortable working with us.

Except to obtain an overview of how our site is used by customers in order to improve its usability, Butler Drain Services site does not use cookies or any other tracking mechanism.

Non-identifying information is collected such as the browser version used by a visitor and the type of device they are using to view the site. This is used by the developer to understand usage trends for the purpose of improving user experience. This information is statistical only and not traceable to any particular user.

Google Analytics, if used, also tracks site usage in order for us to be able to analyze how visitors arrive at and navigate our site when they visit. Again, personal information on users of our site is not sought, collected or even necessary for our purposes.

Name and contact information obtained by Butler Drain Services as the result of purchase, payment or as provided when communicating using a web form on this site, is logged in our secure PagePilot account. Notification of the communication or transaction containing this information is also emailed to the address(es) we designate.

Contact information contained in communications directed to Butler Drain Services is used to communicate with the sender for the purpose for which it was submitted unless otherwise noted. This information is used by our company only. It will not be shared or sold.

Corrections to information collected or concerns about use/misuse of personal information should be directed to our General Manager by calling (508) 213-8400 or by mailing:

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